_Birdly® Buzz

In addition to tremendous media attention, Birdly® generates huge, attendance-driving demand, proven to draw a crowd – and generate ticket revenue. In an age of social media, pioneering VR like Birdly® is certain to create a sharable, Instagrammable, tweetable buzz! Word of mouth and social impact is enormous, creating terrific awareness in the community.


“Birdly® is hands-down the best VR experience yet.”


“If you ever get the chance to experience Birdly®, don’t pass it up!”

The Verge

“It’s a calming, meditative experience. Immersive and exciting, Birdly® is
the kind of VR experience that turns skeptics into true believers…”


“…the Birdly® experience is beautiful and extremely vivid. It is also the first one in which I felt like my whole body had been transported into the world I was in at that moment.”

Yahoo Tech

“For two minutes, I lived the dream of flight. And it was convincing enough that I was annoyed to have to use my own feet to walk four blocks to my next SXSW appointment.”


“Many of us have at some point in our lives dreamt of flying…Birdly® is the closest I’ve ever come to feeling that way…To say Birdly® is convincing is to shortchange its effect.”


“It’s one of the most awesome and intuitive VR experiences we’ve ever had…the sensation is incredible.”

The Wall Street Journal

“As I tilt my wings down, the wind rushes my face and I feel that unmistakable drop in my stomach. I glance to my right, catching a glimpse of my brown feathers, as I can feel my arms tire.”

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