“Birdly® is hands-down the best VR
experience yet.”


_The Ultimate Dream of Flying

For millennia, humans have longed to fly like a bird, to take to the sky, arms outstretched, with power and innate grace. While human biomechanics will never allow for unfettered flight, today’s virtual reality (VR), coupled with robotics and simulation technology, can deliver an experience like never before… fulfilling our ultimate dream of flying.

Birdly, is a renowned VR platform that delivers an experience like never before. The Birdly simulator and experiences make an impact at venues around the world, including museums, entertainment centers, tourist hotspots, airports, and more.

_Introducing Birdly®

Unlike common flight simulators that require a joystick, mouse and/or numerous buttons, Birdly operators command their full-body VR flight experience instinctively with arms and hands – movements correlated to the flapping of wings and manipulation of primary feathers for speed, altitude and navigation.

Visually immersed through a head-mounted VR display, fliers are enveloped in high-resolution virtual landscapes charged with interactive zones and entertaining surprises. The result of Birdly’s precise sensory-motor coupling – including headwind simulation, 3D audio, and visual impact – is an exhilaration that is simply breathtaking…

Dedicated to developing and delivering world-class, full-body VR experiences based on Swiss design and technical perfection.

“To say Birdly® is convincing is to
shortchange its effect.”


_Why Birdly®?

From a bird’s-eye view over the world’s great cities and monuments, to a bee’s-eye view of the inner workings of a combustion engine, to a pterosaur’s-eye view of a Jurassic landscape — there is no bound to the interactive storytelling, both entertaining and educational, that Birdly can deliver.

Birdly is available for both purchase and rental to provide your guests with a show-stopping experience. Whether as a permanent installation to bring your customers back again and again, or for an individual event, Birdly provides a unique platform, immersing your guests in experiences like never before. To enhance the experience further you can provide a completely custom flight tailored to your location or event. The opportunities to engage and excite your audience are endless.

_Signature Content and Custom Branding

D3D Cinema offers customized VR content production for the Birdly interactive platform. Signature content can include sponsor branding and ‘micro-experiences’ – fun little surprises for fliers to discover and explore. The sky’s the limit!

Birdly offers multiple opportunities to personalize the experience through branded entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a completely custom experience or the ability to activate sponsorship options within the experience portfolio we offer complete creative services to make your VR vision a reality.

_Diverse Experiences

Whether your guests are interested in exploration, relaxation, or adrenaline, the Birdly content portfolio provides an experience for everyone. Our catalog of diverse experiences is capable of captivating audiences as an integral part of the overall exhibition and as a stand-alone VR attraction. Either way, it will have your visitors returning again and again.

_Increase Revenue

Birdly comes with a small footprint and the ability to operate up to 4 simulators with one operator ensuring the throughput necessary to create and increase continued revenue and drive ROI by charging guests per ride, or creating an increased ticket package that includes a ride on Birdly.

_North American Installations and Support

Guaranteeing a convincing experience is not only about designing the digital, but also the physical space. Our team supports you from the time of purchase to create the perfect Birdly setup and ensures long-lasting success through our D3D service and support network.

Contact D3D Cinema for more information about Birdly® including demonstration inquiries, pricing, lease financing and signature content production.

“For two minutes, I lived the dream of

– Yahoo Tech

_Birdly® Machine & Technical Specification

The Birdly Serial Edition is a user-friendly, low-maintenance, and reliable commercial VR package, incorporating Swiss precision design and German engineering. The unit integrates all technical components, from simulation actuators and sensors to high- performance PCUs, into a compact and elegant metal chassis.

Included Components & Services:
  • Birdly® Serial Edition Body
  • Head Mounted Display VR Unit
  • Show Computer
  • 3D Audio Headphones
  • Operator Control App
  • New York City Virtual Experience Software Pack
  • 12/mo Warranty
  • Installation, Training & 12/mo Service Agreement
  • Floor Space Dimensions: 10’x 10’
  • Supply Voltage: 110-220V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 1.5kVA
Optional Components & Services:
  • Flight Case for relocating Birdly® to events
  • Digital Signage and Public Viewing Monitor
  • Flight Instruction Video & Queue Monitor
  • Spare VR headsets
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Extended Warranty
Not Included:
  • Shipping
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Birdly® Dimensions (in operation)
  • Length 2100mm / 83″
  • Width 1400mm / 56″
  • Height 800mm to 1100mm / 32″ to 44″
  • Weight (depending on add-on) approx. 170kg / 375 lb.
  • Birdly® Transportation Box (packed)
  • Length 1500mm / 60″
  • Width 900mm / 36″
  • Height 1280mm / 51″
  • Weight (depending on add-on) approx. 260kg / 572 lb.
Lead Time:
  • 6-8 weeks