Fly on Birdly at the Wild Center!

D3D is delighted to welcome the newest museum to the Birdly family! The Wild Center, located in Tupper Lake, NY, now invites their visitors to feel the incredible thrill of flying on Birdly through a series of breathtaking virtual experiences. Take to the sky through various winged avatars, explore the ocean as a sea turtle or get the rush of base-jumping in a wingsuit. Birdly offers a collection of exhilarating, Instagram-worthy adventures providing an experiential approach to science storytelling.

Birdly is a one-of-a-kind full body, immersive flight-simulator designed for museum audiences – a synthesis of engineering, robotics, game design, biomechanics, and virtual reality. Birdly allows you to intuitively explore different destinations while stimulating all your senses, leaving riders wanting more.

“The Wild Center is thrilled to offer the Birdly experience to our visitors, in particular the Butterfly experience. We have a butterfly garden and tag Monarchs annually each fall as part of a research project. Flying like a butterfly and looking for and then seeing a food source provides a dramatic and memorable experience highlighting we can all support these creatures with wildflower gardens.”

Stephanie Ratcliffe, Executive Director, The Wild Center

A museum, zoo or aquarium can purchase Birdly or lease for any amount of time. Whether you want Birdly as a stand-alone revenue generating attraction or to be incorporated into a themed exhibition, Birdly works. It does not matter what size your institution is, D3D’s new deal models can be customized for you.

For a very manageable daily rental rate plus costs, Birdly can be rented for private events, corporate events, birthday parties, trade shows or conventions.

D3D is proud to be the North American distributor of Birdly for the museum, zoo, aquarium and institutional market.


About Birdly

Science centers have long offered airplane and rocket flight simulators, but Birdly delivers a full-body flying experience for natural history and technology enthusiasts alike. Unlike the side-effects of conventional VR, Birdly eliminates the nauseating sensory disconnect by taking the rider’s body on the journey in perfect visual, acoustic and equilibrium synchronicity. Built on the bio-mechanics of flight, this mission-aligned simulator is a location-based attraction that offers a novel, Instagram-friendly, experiential approach to conservation storytelling. With avatars like birds, pterosaurs, insects and manta rays, Birdly blends haptic engineering, robotics, game design, and virtual reality to take audiences on an exhilarating free-exploration of the natural world.